26 luglio 2007

Do u speak english? - Gudgin

"As this is my first mixtape, I decided to do a cross section of stuff I mainly listen to and enjoy. Almost every genre of music you could possibly want is in this collection, from electronic, prog rock, post rock, shoegaze, Britpop, indie rock, electro-rock and even straight forward rock, all crammed into 82 minutes (I tried to get it under 80, but it was too hard!).

The tracklist starts off with some energetic indie rock with electro stylings before diverting into britpop (Reuben onwards) followed by some more relaxed music (Engineers onwards) before ending on the standout track from the last iodo EP, Bit Part Actor (from the EP “walk on role”).

Anyway, I’m no good at descriptions, so I’ll just say “fun and energetic at the start, relaxed towards the end”. Enjoy!"


  1. ¡Forward, Russia! - Thirteen
  2. !!! - Must Be The Moon
  3. Melys - You Wannit Deep (Skinflick Mix)
  4. M83 - Don’t Save Us From The Flames
  5. I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper - Sugar Free
  6. Snowden - Anti-Anti
  7. Reuben - Good Luck
  8. Voicst - Dazzled Kids
  9. Lodger - I Love Death
  10. Porcupine Tree - Drown With Me
  11. Mansun - King Of Beauty
  12. Engineers - Thrasher
  13. No-man - Pretty Genius
  14. iLiKETRAiNS- Terra Nova
  15. A Beggar’s Opera - The Wayfarer
  16. Blackfield - Epidemic
  17. Gene - Olympian
  18. Beta Band - Squares
  19. Iodo - Bit-Part Actor

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prostata ha detto...

Ma qui hai cambiato tutto, era mejo prima, non ci sono più le mezze stagioni, ecc. Ottimo il pezzo selezionato dei Porcupine.

ArteDelNastrone ha detto...

morirete tutti

Anonimo ha detto...

This is great info to know.